Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Evans unveils new border security measures

Immigration Minister Chris Evans says new border security measures at international airports and sea ports will strengthen Australia's security.

The new system will allow immigration officials to assess passengers' data before their flight or ship arrives in Australia.

Senator Evans says the new system means low-risk passengers can be cleared through immigration more quickly.

He says the previous system meant officials had to use many different sources to get a full picture of a passenger's background.


Terror raid 'message'
COUNTER-TERRORISM police yesterday raided the homes of two Sydney men with allegedly extremist Islamic views to "send a message" they were being closely watched and dissuade them from any plans to engage in a terrorist act.

Palestinian exhibition axed after police visit
A police spokesman said the officers were from the operations' community contact unit and had come only to "say hi" to Friends of Hebron members. "They went to introduce themselves just to let them know who they are and what they are about. [Speaking with community groups] is part of their charter," he said. "When they got there the librarian was the only one there … they just had a quick chat to the librarian."

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