Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Acquittal for vampire sex accused

A man accused of whipping, biting and sexually abusing a teenager has been acquitted of all charges in the District Court in Adelaide.

Warwick Acott, 39, met the girl when she was 14 through a website vampirefreaks.com.

She testified that, over the next two years, Mr Acott talked about violent sex and was abusive but the court heard the girl kept seeing him because she suffered from Asperger syndrome which made it hard for her to interpret social cues.

Mr Acott admitted going to the girl's home in 2006, biting her breast and whipping her 10 times but denied there was any oral sex.

He said the girl had raised the issue of violent sex and had asked him to hurt her.

Mr Acott said she also lied to him twice about her age and fooled him into thinking she had reached the age of consent.

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