Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Teen offenders face Army camp

Nine western Sydney teenagers will head to an Army training camp this weekend as part of a police program aimed at kerbing youth crime.

The boys and girls, aged between 14 and 17, have been selected to take part in Camp Victory, where they learn military approaches to dress, courtesy and discipline.

This weekend will be the third the group spends at Glenfield Scout Activity Centre, where they will undertake discipline activities such as military drills.

Superintendent Ray Filewood says the teenagers are offenders or considered at risk of offending.

"It's a youth-based program targeted at children between 14 and 17 that require some direction," he said.

"They're normally at a crossroads in their lives and have made some bad decisions.

"We're running this program to give them some support and guidance."

Superintendent Ray Filewood says the initiative of the St Marys Local Area Command is about changing attitudes.

"So far, everyone's going well through the program," he said.

"The phase-two part of the program aims to look at things like team-building activities, leadership-focused activities, life skills like conflict resolution and also, some crime prevention workshops."

Quote: When no one wants to enlist then just re-program ex offenders who don't have any choice. The military is one of the root causes of domestic violence. Just ask Julian Knight.

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