Wednesday, 9 April 2008

SA rape law changes 'historic'

The South Australian Parliament has passed rape and sexual assault legislation that the Premier is hailing as the most significant in more than 50 years.

The Criminal Law Consolidation Amendment Bill passed both houses of Parliament today.

SA Premier Mike Rann says it paves the way to achieve higher conviction rates for rape and sexual assault.

"This is an historic day in which SA leads the way in toughening up the criminal law," he said.

"The Government says the reforms remove ambiguity on the issue of consent, especially in cases where an alleged victim did not physically or verbally protest, or when a person was unconscious or intoxicated.

Courts will also have to give priority to sexual offence cases involving children.


MP backs off on sex 'contracts'
Ms Bressington made the comments in the South Australian Parliament yesterday and supported them on radio again today in her rejection of proposed changes to SA rape laws. She says the law would make men who are accused of rape guilty until proved innocent.

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