Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Qld police officer given jail time for assault

A Queensland police officer has been convicted of an assault in Sydney last year.

Queensland Police Media says the officer and another man were given custodial sentences after being found guilty of an incident last November.

The Queensland Police Service says both men have appealed against their prison sentences and have been granted bail.

The officer is on leave, but has been stood down from operational duties.

Quote: How come police officer and co offender are not named here, particularly after they've been sentenced to a term of prison and punishment? How can others avoid these dangerous violent criminals if they are not named like everyone else? Especially seen as how they're out in the community on bail. These are very serious offences. How come the cop wasn't sacked? Do they expect to win the appeal already? Typical of Mulrunji’s killing by Queensland police officer Chris Hurley rates only a footnote in the annals of justice. What about it ABC? Do we want police that assault people?

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