Thursday, 24 April 2008

Judge jails p-plater for driving 255 kph

A P-plate diver who was clocked at 255 kilometres an hour on the Hume Highway last year, has been jailed for nine months.

20 year old Justin Andrew Pickering sped away from police during five pursuits between Sydney and Melbourne in August last year.

The court heard the P-plater was caught driving his Subaru Impreza at 255 kilometres per hour.

In sentencing, Magistrate Rob Kumar said in all his years on the bench he had never seen anything like the speed this man was driving at.

He said it was almost certain someone would have died on that day if police had not called off the pursuits when Pickering reached dangerous speeds.

He has been sentenced to nine months jail with a minimum of three months and has been disqualified from driving for five years.

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