Monday, 21 April 2008

Jail for Fat Pizza brother's killing

George Nassour centre...also stabbed arrives at court today

A man involved in the killing of the brother of Fat Pizza actor George Nassour will serve at least six-and-a-half years in prison for the incident, sparked by a misunderstood rude gesture.

The disagreement between the Nassour brothers and Michael Ibrahim and three other men started on New Year's Eve 2005 at the UN nightclub on Oxford Street.

Friends of Robin and George Nassour had not been allowed access to the nightclub, owned by Ibrahim's family and at which he was a spotter.

Later that evening Robin Nassour drove past the club making a rude gesture at his brother George, who was standing outside the club. But Michael Ibrahim thought the gesture was aimed at him, the Supreme Court has heard.

A day later the Nassour brothers were called to a meeting by a friend of Ibrahim, allegedly to sort out their conflict.

They met at an apartment building in Chiswick, where they were lured into an underground car park.

When George Nassour saw Ibrahim, and the three other men, he shouted to his brother: "This is a set up."

Soon afterwards he was stabbed, but managed to run away.

He then saw the four men surround Robin and kick and punch him. One of the other men, who carried a knife, stabbed him twice, severing an artery in his leg.

Supreme Court Justice Derek Price found that while the men had planned to assault Robin Nassour and inflict physical harm on him, Ibrahim and two co-accused, Mouhamed and Sleiman Tajjour, were not aware that the fourth man was carrying a knife.

It was only when the man - who has since died - stabbed George Nassour, that they became aware of the knife.

But, said Justice Price, they had still gone ahead with the assault on his brother, aware that the knife might again be used. This made them liable to a conviction for manslaughter, to which they have pleaded guilty.

"To participate in a joint act of violence in these circumstances carries with it... a very significant degree of criminality," Justice Price said.

Ibrahim, who had prior convictions for assault, drug and fire arm possession, was sentenced to a maximum sentence of nine years and four months, but is eligible for parole in March 2013.

Outside court Emilia Nassour, Robin's mother, who was sobbing throughout the sentencing remarks, said the sentence was fair and justice had been done.

The Tajjour brothers are to be sentenced at a later date.

Quote: Amazingly this story has nothing to do with drugs? I wonder if it is because the brother was an entertainer? If they wanted to settle a misunderstanding about a rude gesture then why not just do it on the phone or in a public place?

Maybe the mother was satisfied with the outcome because no 'drugs' were mentioned? Ibrahim it stated has a prior conviction for assault, 'drug', and fire arm possesion. People at night clubs take drugs. So what were the police investigating and what questions did the judge ask all the way through the trial? Were they covering up for entertainment?

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