Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ex-policeman jailed over bribes

A former Sydney policeman will spend at least a year in jail for accepting bribes from a private investigator.

Stephen Evans' wife started crying when the court sentenced the former senior constable to 22 months in jail with a non-parole period of 12 months.

Evans pleaded guilty to taking almost $18,000 over four years from private investigator Janice Seeto.

Seeto paid him on behalf of loans companies to track down people who had defaulted on their car loans, given false details to the lender and disappeared.

In sentencing, the judge acknowledged Evans took the money because he was trying to provide too much for his family - a wife and three children - but said it was a serious offence and the community expected more from police.

He sentenced Seeto to at least 10 months in jail.

The judge noted that the 61-year-old had custody of her six-year-old grandchild but said the gravity of the offences warranted a jail term.

Seeto had told the court she had no idea her actions were so serious.

In sentencing submissions, Evans said he initially knocked back Seeto's offer but relented when he ran into financial trouble.

He said most of his wage went to his mortgage and he was too proud to ask his wife for spending money.

Evans said he needed extra money to support his sons in sport, one of whom went to England to play cricket.

The former policeman said it was stupid and he had disgraced himself and the police force.

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