Thursday, 10 April 2008

Even drug dealers deserve protection, judge rules

A court has jailed a man for at least six years for conspiring to assault a drug-dealing associate.

The judge ruled that even drug dealers deserved protection by the law.

A Sydney man Ric Bonato had sold cannabis to Quinton Tulisi, 32, of Parramatta.

He spent the $13,000 he was paid without delivering the cannabis he had promised.

Tulisi and his brother-in-law William Taiwhanua then visited Adelaide, where they stabbed Bonato and slashed his face.

A South Australian court was told Bonato went to SA police who put the other men under surveillance.

They were arrested and charged when SA police found them equipped with duct tape, gloves and cable ties they intended using on Bonato.

Judge Paul Rice remarked during sentencing that even drug dealers were entitled to protection.

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