Thursday, 3 April 2008

Brawls mar Sydney Royal Easter Show

THE last night of the Sydney Royal Easter Show went off with a bang - literally - with up to 200 people involved in a brawl that left one policeman hospitalised with a bloody face.

"At about 10pm in the carnival area of the show there was an altercation between two females, and a crowd of between 100 and 200 gathered round," said the NSW Police event commander, Inspector Patrick Wunsch.

"Police attempted to separate and restrain the two females. One female was arresested and handcuffed. While this is occuring, another female has come up to the police office and used her right knee to knee a male officer in the face."

The officer was take to Westmead Hospital with a bloodfied face. Three females were arrested and one is likely to be charged with assaulting police.

Inspector Wunsch said it took an additional 20-25 police about 15 minutes to disperse the crowd where a number of fights were going on.

About 800,000 people attended this year's show according to the Royal Agricultural Society, the poorest crowd figure since the event moved to Sydney Olympic Park in 1998. Attendances dropping 90,000 from last year.

Question: Were they drunken brawls?

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