Tuesday, 29 April 2008

AFP colluded with Andrews: Haneef lawyer

Lawyers representing former [scapegoat] terror suspect Dr Mohamed Haneef have accused federal police of attempting to re-write history following claims investigating officers were caught unaware by a decision to cancel his work visa.

Dr Haneef's legal team on Tuesday dismissed the story.

"It's bullshit because we know that the AFP was in contact with the migration department before the visa was cancelled," Lawyer Rod Hodgson said.

"They cooked up a scheme between the two of them to cancel the visa in the event that they got an adverse finding in the magistrate's court."

Mr Hodgson, from law firm Maurice Blackburn, has joined Dr Haneef's legal team ahead of a judicial inquiry into the case which begins in Canberra on Wednesday.

He echoed calls from fellow lawyer Peter Russo for the inquiry head John Clarke QC to be given "coercive powers" to force witnesses including Mr Andrews and AFP chief Mick Keelty to give evidence.

Both men have stated they will cooperate with the inquiry but Mr Hodgson said he remained sceptical.

"I do not have confidence that there will be full and frank cooperation from some of the key players," he said.

"We don't have answers to questions we want answered and are concerned that Mr Clarke is going to have some trouble getting to the bottom of those matters without being given coercive powers."

Dr Haneef was held without charge for 12 days after being arrested at Brisbane International Airport last July for his alleged links to [another false flag operation?] in the UK.

The Indian national was eventually charged with supporting terrorism but the charge collapsed within days, prompting his return to his family in Bangalore.

His legal team then successfully appealed Mr Andrews decision to cancel his visa on "character grounds", paving the way for his return to work in Australia if he can find work.

Mr Clarke will outline how he intends to conduct the inquiry at Wednesday's hearing and is due to report back to the federal government by September 30.

He is expected to produce a public report and a private one.


Haneef inquiry could be waste of time and money: lawyer
Someone must have been telling lies about Dr Mohamed Haneef, because without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine evening.

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