Friday, 14 March 2008

Criminal Code legtimises violence against kids: MP

A Queensland state Labor MP says new statistics showing the extent of child physical abuse by parents support his case for a review of the criminal code.

Dean Wells says figures compiled by a parliamentary intern found almost 700 assault charges were laid against parents disciplining their children in the 2005/06 financial year.

Mr Wells says more than half of those involved serious assaults.

He has told Parliament some parents are abusing Section 280 of the Criminal Code, and are hurting their kids.

"This section, which says it's lawful for a parent of person in place of a parent to use reasonable force for the purpose of the correction or discipline of a child, legitimates much more violence than any child deserves to have brought against them," he said.

"The section does not confine itself to simple assaults but also excuses serious and aggravated assaults."

Quote: This section should say words to the effect it's 'unlawful' for 'anyone' to use violence or to smack a 'person' baby/child/adult. A person can be spoken to and a child can be spoken to or picked up and moved from danger. A child can communicate as young as a baby and should be spoken to using dialogue in a soft voice. A child's only defence is fear. Raise your voice one decibel and you place fear in a child. A child running on fear cannot learn as easily. A child can be asked how they may be able to help you solve a problem that they may be causing you or others. If they come up with their own solution then they're more likely than not to be obligated to doing it.


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