Friday, 14 March 2008

Brother's fury in court as killer jailed

Five court officials had to restrain an enraged man as the murderer of his sister was jailed for at least 15 years today.

One of the five brothers of Fallon Baker vented his anger in the NSW Supreme Court after John Frederick Thompson was sentenced for the "brutal" murder of Ms Baker on January 28, 2006.

"My sister is gone," Steven Baker said.

Mr Baker also threatened Thompson once the sentence had been read by Justice Clifton Hoeben.

"I'm going to put you back to where my sister is," he said.

"Fifteen years," Mr Baker yelled as family led him from the court.

New-Zealand-born Thompson, 24, had pleaded guilty to murdering Ms Baker in their Airds home in south-western Sydney.

Thompson told police he started drinking at 10pm in the carpark at the Riverside Inn at Airds, then at a friend's place, before leaving to go home between 4am and 5am (AEDT).

It was during his walk home Thompson crossed paths with Mark Siaa, a former boyfriend of Ms Baker, when the two had an argument.

Justice Hoeben said in Thompson's interview with police, it was clear he had become angry with Ms Baker as he believed she was still involved with Mr Siaa.

"I should ... make it clear that these feelings of jealousy were entirely unjustified," Justice Hoeben said.

Thompson had entered the house and walked up the stairs where he yelled 'fg slut', which woke Ms Baker.

"What's wrong?" she replied.

"Why do you have to talk shit behind my back?" he said.

Justice Hoeben said neighbours heard Thompson yelling, along with lots of banging.

Near Ms Baker's body in the living room were pieces of a Jack Daniels whisky bottle and a broken television stand, while a metal candelabra was tangled in her hair, he said.

At this point Mr Baker screamed across the courtroom at Thompson, "you f piece of shit".

"Can you give your sister the dignity she deserves, Mr Baker?" Justice Hoeben replied.

He said expert evidence indicated there had been at least seven blows in Ms Baker's assault.

"The attack was clearly a violent and frenzied one," Justice Hoeben said.

Justice Hoeben said the evidence indicated Thompson's intent was to cause grievous bodily harm and not kill Ms Baker.

Dressed in a fawn suit and white shirt, Thompson looked down during the judgment until he was sentenced.

Mr Baker said to him: "Look everybody in the face".

Thompson was sentenced to a maximum 20 years in jail and with the minimum 15-year sentence, will be eligible for parole on February 28, 2021.

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