Monday, 14 May 2007

Australia: War criminal Howard wants crackdown on school violence?

War criminal prime minister John Howard wants to give more power to teachers and principals to 'crackdown' on school bullying.

But where does he get his credentials? Wars of aggression? Crimes against humanity? Kidnapping and torture? Human Rights violations? What a major problem we have here?

Howard will deliver the second speech in his series called "Australia Rising" today in Sydney, and he says he will outline the government's plans for the education system.

But how are we rising really? Most people would say that Australia has been free falling with crimes against humanity and human rights violations every since Howard came to power.

If leaders don't lead by example then how can they lead young Australians and encourage them not to be aggressive towards each other?

Just like a cigarette smoker telling others they should give it up?

Besides that what has Howard asked for? A crackdown? Now how is a crackdown going to solve the problem of bullying at school?

What about more decent lessons? Conflict Resolution, Communication and a balanced curriculum of Social Skills, Academic Skills, and Technical Skills? That would help fix the problem but a 'crackdown' is just another form of domestic violence perpetrated by an adult.

A crackdown is a judge ordering some form of behaviour and judging people but more social skills are needed. See links.

In his weekly radio address, Howard has flagged school violence as an area that needs greater attention.

"Like all Australians I am very concerned at reports of school violence and disorder," he said.

"Parents would be well served by more information about school discipline, bullying and disruptive behaviour in the classroom."

But it's a pitty we have that coming from a person who knows and has shown no better example in relation to bullying with the war of aggression and the subsequent holocaust in Iraq.

Discipline is not achieved by cracking down but by teaching better lessons that include self awarness, empathy towards others and insight into offending behaviour. Once more Howard couldn't possibly teach those lessons because he himself lacks all of the above. That's why he asked for a 'crackdown'.

Howard should be addressing the International Criminal Court for the destruction of Iraq where he's inherited the over 655,000 dead because of his Coalition of the Killings war of aggression and where he himself has shown no remorse whatsoever for those crimes.

Howard says parents and teachers should be given more information about school bullying.

Does he mean information about 'cracking down'? Well you only get out what you put in Howard and if you put nothing in then don't expect to get anything out!

Howard: "Parents are entitled to expect that their child is safe at school and that teachers are principals have the authority to ensure a strong learning environment," he said.

And parents are also entitled to have their country led by a person who has set some form of example in terms of 'aggression' if that someone is going to tell others what to do?

Mary Bluett, from the Australian Education Union, says Mr Howard is overt stating the problem.

"In fact, our schools are overwhelmingly incredibly safe places," she said.

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma says the state already provides this extra information to parents.

"It appears to be a case of the prime minister trying to play catch-up after 10 years of neglecting funding for education," he said.

"After 10 years of reducing funding to students and to universities," he said.

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