Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Australia: THE MONSTER

The MONSTER destroys itself, so why do we fight the MONSTER? Why not just build our own world? Think of the cost benefit of our, time, money and our investment in building a new world - opposed to trying to stop the MONSTER who is always right. I know! We might save some lives! Nah! The monster said that those people had to die and they'll have to lock people up if they disagree.

So we say well lock us up then. And they do! Then they go off and continue to do the killing while people are locked up. Because that was the right thing to do - because they were just terrorists and you were just a wild animal that doesn't understand capitalism and the way the system works. I know! We'll stop the war in Iraq? But Afghanistan is okay so well just keep on building democracy over there?

We fight tooth and nail everyday but the MONSTER prevails. Whatever the MONSTER says is right. No matter how wrong it is, perhaps all the days of our lives.

If the MONSTER implies that people are guilty for crime, then people are guilty no matter what evidence is shown!

If the MONSTER says that they can try people as many times as they like until a person is found guilty, then they can.

If the MONSTER says that they found a persons DNA on a cigarette butt at the crime scene, then they did!

If the MONSTER says that 14 people should be held in custody indefinitely because 4 will re-offend if released from custody, then that's what they should do.

If the MONSTER says prisoners in Canberra should stay in Jail during a bushfire emergency, then that's what they should do.

If the MONSTER says that people are illegal, then people are illegal.

If the MONSTER says we don't need a Jury or Habeas Corpus, then we don't need them.

If the MONSTER says people weren't kidnapped or tortured, even if they say they were, then they weren't.

If the MONSTER says we can invade for democracy, a sovereign nation, then we can invade for democracy.

If the MONSTER says that now Australia is a terrorist target, then now we are a terrorist target.

If the MONSTER said they drowned because they couldn't see them in the water, then they didn't see them.

If the MONSTER said they threw their children into the water, then they did.

If the MONSTER said they slipped over on the way to the cell in the police station, then they did.

If the MONSTER says that this person or that put their hand up for all the false flag operations around the world, then that's what they did.

Just for a glimpse I switched on SBS news a couple of times last week and tonight. They are fighting on the front lines these reporters, without borders. Risking their necks em-bedded or should I say in-bedded or even in-wedded with John Howard the USA and the good old Israiiiilis.

Reporter, Karen Middleton would go to bed with anyone it seems? Do you think it's the job? Nah! It's that MONSTER again!

How the troops are slaving over a hot nail, hammer, pincers and a bit of wood to show Afghanistani's how to make a dove tail in a bit of timber.

But that's great if the MONSTER says they are helping to rebuild, then they are helping to rebuild.

If the MONSTER says they destroyed what was originally there for democracy, then that's what the MONSTER did.

If the MONSTER says there should be an amnesty for war criminal's and warlords, then there should be!

Just like the ABC MONSTER who wouldn't let the Iraqi speak on tonight's ABC news about how disgusted he was in relation to his security, but allowed John Howard the only and final word.

If the MONSTER says that you're a Muslim and should be locked away and tortured for thought crimes, then you should.

If the MONSTER goes fishing in your backyard and says that they found explosives to make a bomb to blow up a landmark, then that is exactly what you were doing.

If the MONSTER doesn't say they use economic hit men and Jackals for corpocracy, then they don't.

If the MONSTER says LIB/LAB is two distinct different parties, then LIB, LAB are two distinct parties.

So why are we fighting this MONSTER tooth and nail when MONSTERS just implode?

All the days of your life...

I'll just leave that question to all you good readers out the

by PNAC RULES Tuesday March 20, 2007 at 09:22 PM

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