Sunday, 7 January 2007

Disruptive students may be educated separately

The Western Australian Government is considering educating students with disruptive behaviour separately from others in the public school system.

Education Minister Mark McGowan says the measure would be used as a last resort when students continually distract others from learning.

Mr McGowan has also suggested the introduction of new uniforms for state high school students, similar to those in the private system.

The uniforms could include blazers, button-up shirts, ties and dresses for female students.

Mr McGowan says the policy would be flexible.

"I think you really need to look at the more southerly parts of the state rather than the more northerly parts of the state, simply because it's often too hot and too difficult to put these sorts of policies in place when it's 40 degrees each day," he said.

Disruptive students may be educated separately

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