Sunday, 7 January 2007

19 charged over suburban brawl

Nineteen people have been charged with riot offences after a neighbourhood dispute in Sydney's west last night.

Police were called to Bidwill at 9:00pm AEDT after receiving reports that groups of people were armed with bottles and wooden posts.

Officers allegedly found a group of 19 men and boys - aged between 16 and 24 years old - with sticks, bottles and knives.

The men and boys have been arrested and charged, and police have confiscated the weapons.

Police have also found weapons including knives, baseball bats and machetes at a home in the area early this morning.

Two men from that house were arrested in relation to other matters.

Officers say it is believed residents of two houses in the area had been involved in a dispute for days.

Police say the brawl involved up to 60 people, but no-one was seriously injured.

Superintendent Alan Harding says tensions had been escalating between the neighbours for days.

"There's been a range of motives put forward, such as an argument between two young girls from either family, but I think its fair to say that there's been ongoing disputes between these two families and then last night we saw its expression in violence," he said.

19 charged over suburban brawl

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